WD has redesigned its MyBook and MyPassport hard drives

Bright colours and textured designs should help your workstation look snazzier

TIL: portable hard disks can be more than anonymous slabs ‘o plastic

Style’s probably been the last thing on your mind when buying a portable or desktop hard disk. Not that we blame you. It’s not like you had a lot of choice in terms of design, and your decision eventually came down to the specs and capacity.



Colouring outside the lines

But Western Digital’s decided to arm its new range with a new weapon - design flair. So, you get new My Passport portable drives and My Book desktop drives - and they certainly look refreshingly different thanks to the use of bright colours and textured design elements that break up the monotony of a device whose natural form (if you can call it that) is an anonymous slab.

As for the specs, WD’s My Passport range will be available in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB capacities, with in-built 256-bit AES hardware encryption and a starting suggested retail price of ₹7,980. Moving on to the redesigned My Book series, the range starts off at 3TB (₹13,050), going all the way to 8TB. And yup, there’s hardware encryption to keep your stuff safe from nosy colleagues and siblings.