Waterproof iPhone 6S could come with double the RAM

In a trio of iPhone rumours waterproofing, RAM and SIM-cards are the name of the game

The latest rumour being ground out of the Apple mill is that a waterproof iPhone 6s will come with 2GB of RAM and Apple's own proprietary SIM card. 

We know SIM card rumours really get you going so we'll start with that: Apple is looking into pre-installing its own SIM as it did with the iPad Air 2, the idea being that you then sign up to a network from within the Settings app and can switch whenever you fancy.

That might be working for the iPad, but it could be a bit messier for phones given that everyone will already have plans and want to keep their existing numbers. It might not happen, though, as the networks themselves don't sound too jazzed about the whole thing and have blocked these plans in the past. From Apple's point of view, an irremovable SIM card would allow it to save on space in the handset so it can be smaller, thinner and lighter. 

The second part of this rumour fest seems more plausible: a trusted source tells Apple Insider that Apple will ship the iPhone 6s with 2GB of RAM. The iPhone 5, 5S and 6 all rock 1GB so this is big news. 

As AI points out, this would mean background apps and tabs in Safari can be left open for longer but could come at the cost of battery life. 


Wet set

And finally, because these things always come in threes, the iPhone 6s could be waterproof. A patent application suggests that Apple is thinking about waterproofing the device by coating the phone's internal mechanisms with a lightweight hydrophobic coating. It's not the first time we've seen evidence that Apple is playing catch-up to the likes of the waterproof Sony Xperia Z10 and Samsung Galaxy S5; back in May last year it also applied for a patent to use mechanical shutters to protect weak points on the device when water is detected. 

Could the iPhone 6s be the handset that brings us the ruggedised fruit of these labours? 

[Sources: Apple Insider, Tech Crunch]

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