Watch an exclusive clip from The Martian

Matt Damon gets all science-y in this snippet from the new Ridley Scott flick

Ridley Scott's got a pretty good directorial record when it comes to sci-fi, from acknowledged classics Alien and Blade Runner to the unfairly maligned Prometheus (and I write 'unfairly maligned' in the full knowledge that most of the Stuff office disagree with me about it).

All of which means that a new Ridley Scott sci-fi film is a source of much anticipation round these parts - and that's doubly true with the forthcoming The Martian.

It's already generated massively positive reaction from those who've seen it (96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, y'know) and that's despite it starring Matt Damon.

We'll be interviewing Scott about the film very soon, but to whet your appetite here's a short - and exclusive - clip from it.

The Martian will be released in India on 2nd October