Want a ‘smart’ car? Get started with the Asus Reco Car DVR

Features like lane departure and collision warning elevate this over other dashcams

Travel a lot on gorgeous roads and want to record the drives for posterity? Worried about harebrained idiots crashing into your car? Get a dashcam. But the Reco offers more than just the ability to record your drives...

Quick question – What’s the one thing that’s even more Russian than a vodka and borscht meal? A car dashcam... Yup, you don’t see many of these outside Mother Russia, and certainly not here in India. But to think about it, that’s kind of strange – we’ve got gorgeous scenery you can record to show off to your envious pals, and we’ve also got the world’s most chaotic traffic. Which pretty much guarantees that you’re eventually going to get hit by somebody who’ll flat-out deny it was his fault (and might also ask if you know who his father is, but that’s another matter).


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So why not make life more fun and easier by fitting in a dashcam? That’s what Asus thinks – their upcoming Reco Car DVR features a 2in LCD screen, 1080p recording, a 3-axis accelerometer and external GPS capability. The Reco’s 140-degrees wide-angle view should make it easy to capture vehicles that appear out of nowhere, while the f/2.0 and HDR should help in low-light conditions.

But those aren’t all the tricks the Reco has up its sleeve – there’s a Lane Departure Warning System to warn you if you aren’t paying attention and are drifting all over the place, and a Forward Collision Warning System that’ll come in use if you don’t realise you’ve come up too close behind a cabbie who treats slamming on the brakes like a competitive sport.

Asus’ Reco Car DVR should see an Indian launch sometime in July, and while pricing has not been announced yet, the specs make it look ideal for anyone who finds themselves on the road a lot.