VU Technologies has a new range of affordable ‘Premium Smart’ TVs

Now that Netflix has made its way here, you’ve got no reason to stick with your ancient ‘dumb’ TV.

There’s no better way of getting through the horrible summer than by getting a new TV - it’s too hot to be outdoors, you’ve now got access to over half a dozen streaming services and even you could make microwave popcorn

TVs are expensive in India. And if you try sneaking in a fancy, big-screen, 4K set with all the bells and whistles on the way back from your US or Dubai vacation, you’re in for a rude shock. ‘Cos there’s gonna be some eagle-eyed customs officer who chooses that very moment to look up from his chai-samosa. An hour later, your pocket lightened of plenty of greenbacks, you’ll be in too foul a mood to head back home and start watching Better Call Saul.

Smartly priced as well


Instead, why not check out VU Tech’s new range of Smart TVs - they’re promising the loads of fancy features, but at the same price as a basic, dumb telly from the better-known brands.


VU’s range starts off with a 32in, HD set for 20,000, there’s a 40in Full HD set for 30,000, a 50in set for 42,000, with the range topping out at 55 inches for 52,000. Features include MHL, USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, multiple app support (including Facebook, and yes, YuppTV, Netflix, Youtube…) Even the remote control has buttons for Netflix and YouTube, something only true couch potatoes will appreciate. VU is also highlighting its ‘quad-core Internet video processor’ as something that’ll make the streaming experience far better.


Keen to junk your old telly and get one of VU’s Smart TVs? Head over to Flipkart, then!