Vu announces new 4K TV, claims better display and audio

43in to 65in sizes with an affordable price tag

While most products were launched from on-ground events in the past, the lockdown has forced brands to take the same online. Live streams to pre-recorded videos of announcements are now the new normal for all product announcements. But in a unique announcement, which seems the first time ever, there was a product launch from home. 

Vu announced the new Ultra 4K TV is priced between ₹25,999 and ₹48,999, putting them in a nice and affordable range. The new TVs claim to have an Ultra-Edge 4K Display with 40% more brightness that helps enhance the viewing experience during daytime lighting conditions. Vu says that this is done by a high-performance special optical film that controls the amount of light entering through the backlight LEDs, which increases the viewing angle through its wide reflection. The new Ultra 4K TVs also features Pro Picture Calibration where the user can adjust details such as gamma correction, noise reduction, colour temperature, HDMI dynamic range and host of other technical features. Lastly, the Upbeat Surround sound feature claims to produce stadium-like performances right to your living room.

As for the specifications are concerned, the TVs are equipped with 4K LED backlit bezelless panels supporting Dolby Vision and HDR10, are powered by a 64-bit quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. Based on Android 9.0, the TVs also support Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and YouTube. Vu Ultra 4k will be available in four sizes – 43in, 50in, 55in and 65in in the price range of ₹25,999 to ₹48,999.