This VR experience plugged with motion capture will shape your reality

An interactive session with a VR headset and motion capture to completely immerse yourself in a mind boggling experience

Remember how VR headsets let us game and experience content in full immersiveness? Ya, scratch that, this motion interactive VR/AR experience will leave you flat on the floor. Quite literally.

Virtual reality and motion capture, together. Yes, that sounds like a sneak-peek into the behind scenes of the movie Avatar and it is.

Movie enthusiasts and avid gamers will know that motion capture is a big part of any big budget CGI movie and most triple A games. The making of Adventure Of A Lifetime by Coldplay will give you a perfect example of what goes on behind the scenes of productions that take an extra step towards better content.



Virtual motions

So the good folks from Artanim have come down to India to showcase their award-winning project that combines virtual reality and motion capture. They like to call it ‘Inside Real Virtuality’.

Real Virtuality allows users to become immersed in a VR scene by walking, running and interacting with physical objects and meeting other people, unlike other VR experience where you are in one static position.

The motion capture only adds to the delight of the experience by tracking users and physical objects as they move about in real life which corresponds and matches their avatars exactly in the 3D environment.The company says that it is looking to expand its tech treats to the better good of industries across India starting with Bollywood. So you might get to see some Hollywood level stuff happening in our very own desi movies.

For now you can go and try this yourself, if you live in Mumbai that is, and can make it to G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture at Laxmi Mills Estate in Mahalaxmi. It’s available from 19th to 20th of January from 3pm to 8pm. So hurry up and don’t miss out on this chance.