Vivo’s put two front-facing cameras on its new V5 Plus

20MP+8MP? That’s right, selfie addicts, you can pick your jaws off the floor now

Dual-lens camera systems are the hot new trend for 2017. And Vivo’s decided to up the ante by putting two cameras on the front of its latest phone.

You aren’t hearing voices, and you certainly aren’t hallucinating. Vivo has indeed decided to go in for a 20MP front-facing camera (along with a secondary 8MP camera). That means your selfies can now have that dreamy, shallow depth-of-field effect you’d normally need a proper camera for. Flip the V5 Plus around and you’ll find a 16MP camera.



v in spec

Other specs (hey, there’s more to this Android device than just a slightly insane front-facing camera)? Well, the V5 Plus has a 5.5in Full HD display, runs on an octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor, has 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, a fingerprint sensor and a 3055mAh battery.  Vivo’s also pushing its latest device to audiophiles - there’s a 32-bit AK4376 DAC inside its slim body.

Like it? Say ‘cheese’ and gather up ₹27,980 - pre-orders open January 24, with sales starting on February 1.