Video clips now get 60 seconds to wow your Instagram followers

Old 15 second limit is out, multi-clip editing on iOS is in

Think you're hot stuff when it comes to Instagram, because that filtered snap of today's lunch got six likes? Nice try. It's all about video now.

You're going to have to try a lot harder to impress your followers from today, too: Instagram's just bumped up the length of videos from 15 seconds to 60.

The company reckons its users are much more likely to leave comments or like video clips than still photos, with the last six months seeing a boom in videos being uploaded to the app.

The new 60 second limit is four times longer than the old 15 second one, and ten times longer than rival Vine's 6-second mini clips.  

The only difficult bit now will be keeping your clips snappy now you've got so much extra time to fill.

iOS users have an added bonus on the way too; multi-clip editing.

Up to now, you've had to shoot everything in one go, meaning a ruined take turned into a ruined video. Now, you'll be able to choose any previously recorded clip from your camera roll and edit it into a video.

This should just be the start of things to come for Instagram in 2016 - the company is promising more new features later in the year.

60 second clips should be rolling out to Instagram users on iOS and Android now, but you'll only get multiple clip editing if you're on an iPhone.

[source: Instagram blog]