Vamp Stereo and Vamp Speaker offer up sweet and sustainable sounds

Revitalise your old speakers with this palm-sized Bluetooth gizmo

Those speakers don’t match! Argh!

Frustrating much? Anyway, we’re not here to talk about speaker etiquette, but rather a speaker itself, and a little thing that drives speakers: that tiny green block on top of the left one. That’s the Vamp Stereo.

Following in the footsteps of 2013’s Vamp, the Brit-designed Vamp Stereo can be connected to (yes, you guessed it) two speakers instead of one, so––

HEY! Wait up. Please tell me what it actually does with those speakers first.

Getting ahead of myself, eh? OK, let’s start with the basics: the Vamp Stereo is a dinky amplifier and Bluetooth receiver that’ll turn a set of standard speakers into a wireless setup. It connects by wired to the speaker ports, and via Bluetooth to a source like your smartphone, tablet or laptop. There’s also a standard 3.5mm port (someone still loves you, jack!) for connecting non-Bluetooth sources, and the design includes a magnet so you can “stick” it to the top of larger speakers.

Oh, and the Vamp Stereo has a 10-hour rechargeable battery, so you can take your speakers out on the road with you.

Sounds good. So I can dig out that dusty of pair of Sanyos from my parents’ loft and give them sweet, sweet new life?

You can, and it’d be a beautiful thing. After all – a huge amount of old speakers are getting chucked away (10,000 a month, according to Vamp’s makers) when they have plenty of beats, rhymes and life left in them. But for those that don’t have some vintage gear to rejuvenate, there’s the Vamp Speaker.

With its electronic components crafted from recyclable materials and its exterior from sustainable OSB board, it’s designed to reduce waste in the future. It can also be connected to up to two other speakers, and has a little nook where the Vamp Stereo can rest snugly.

And both are on sale now?

Not quite. The Vamp Stereo and Speaker are currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, seeking £100,000 (about 87 lacs) – and at the time of writing, with 19 days of fundraising time left, the campaign is halfway to this goal. Back the campaign to the tune of £69 (about ₹6,000) or more and you can reserve yourself one of the first Vamp Stereo and Vamp Speakers off the production line (don’t expect delivery until next May, however). The regular retail price when they go on sale next year will be around £100 (about ₹9,000).