Valve's Secret Shop VR experience lets players step into DOTA 2

Given Valve's titanic reputation, it's unlikely to remain a secret for very much longer

If you're one of the 20 million DOTA 2 players out there and a fan of the VR revolution then prepare for some good news - but not too good.

What we know: Valve is unveiling a virtual reality demo for the Vive headset based on DOTA 2; the demo will be titled 'The Secret Shop'; the experience will be available for beady eyes to absorb at Gamescom this week.

What we shouldn't interpret this as: a 3D version of DOTA 2; Virtual Reality DOTA 2; DOTA 2 Eye-Goggle-Edition; a MOBA of any sort.

Reasonable assumptions: the usual level of polish we've come to expect from Valve; a charming environment featuring DOTA 2's shopkeeper; anyone who isn't at Gamescom will now feel terribly depressed.

HTC and Valve will also be demoing a series of other experiences from different developers including an RTS, an underwater adventure, and a cooking simulator, all designed specifically for their premier VR headset. We'll be heading into the fray to bring you our thoughts later on today.

Haven't seen a lot of the Vive so far? We got our hands on the prized headset earlier this year and were seriously impressed.

The consumer version of the HTC Vive is due for release in November of this year, so VR enthusiasts have little time to decide whether they opt for Valve's offering, or the Oculus Rift, which is set to hit the shelves in early 2016.