Is this the ultimate phone charger?

Five-way phone charger is slicker than your average

Phone chargers don’t exactly get my pulse racing you know 

Well that’s fair enough. The old plug-n-charge doesn’t exactly have us in raptures either, but the FlexCharger is a bit more interesting than your average one. It comes with five different ways to charge your devices.

Woah, FIVE WAYS? Tell me more

It’s pretty exciting stuff. There are two cabled chargers - one a crazy-long but retractable 3m cable, a short and stubby cable, a tiltable dock charger and a USB 3.0 port. Is your mind blown yet? Because there’s more.

There cannot possibly be more

Oh, but there is. Ports and plugs are fine, but you’re nobody in the charging world if you can’t do wireless charging these days. And guess what: the Flexcharger can. So if you’ve got your eye on a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, you’ll be able to just chuck the phone on the handy flip-down wireless charging dock and get on with your life.

Great. But I’m a bit distracted by the fact that my Wi-Fi doesn’t stretch to my bedroom. Bet your swanky plug can’t do anything about that

Care to put money on that? Because the primo FlexCharger model comes with a Wi-Fi Repeater meaning it can boost your existing Wi-Fi network wherever you plug it in.

Holy cow. That sounds amazing. What’s the catch?

Well, it’s not actually on sale yet - but you can pledge to buy one on the company’s Indiegogo page. It was hoping to raise $10,000 but has just breezed by 1015% of that. There are three different models on offer - the FlexCharger W/R comes with all the bells and whistles, while the FlexCharger W has everything but the Wi-Fi repeater, and the FlexCharger S comes without the wireless charging.

So come on, how much are we talking here? 

For the full model, you’re looking at $109 if you buy through Indiegogo. When it goes on sale it’ll cost you $199, which is pretty hefty for a phone charger. The cheaper options will come in at $119 and $99 - no word on India pricing yet but the plug is compatible with international plug-sockets so at least you know it will work when it eventually arrives.