Ultimate Ears’ PartyUP feature lets you connect over 50 speakers at once

Here’s your chance to throw a truly legendary party

‘Tis the party season. And just in time is a new update from Ultimate Ears.

Fifty Bluetooth speakers all going at once? Sounds like heaven. Even the Rolling Stones would approve.


Even if you’re the kind of introvert who thinks books are the best companions and human interaction is rather overrated, we bet you harbour a secret desire to throw a truly legendary bash - the kind of party people talk about for years. Something out of a decadent rockstar’s dreams. Which ends with the neighbours calling the cops and your landlord having a coronary. That’s gonna require a lot of planning, and one thing you’re going to have to sort out early is the music.


Sure, you could go with a massive speaker system, but what if you could set over 50 wireless speakers throughout your apartment (or your Alibaug mansion)? Yup, that’s exactly what UE’s PartyUp is for. Gather up a few Ultimate Ears speakers (the Boom, Boom 2 and MegaBoom are PartyUp-compatible), sprinkle ‘em around the house like Diwali diyas, install UE’s app, and that’s it, you’re one tap away from being evicted.