The ultimate Apple Watch accessory: a $9000 analogue watch

Yo dawg I heard you like watches........

There have been plenty of complaints towards the Apple Watch: "What's the point?"; "It keeps crashing"; "Poor battery life".

For watchmaker Nico Gerard however, none of these things are the problem. The problem is that the Apple Watch is simply not enough watch. The company has created the US$9,300 Pinnacle in response. Yes, your eyes are working just fine: it's another watch to go with the Watch.

This isn't a cheap accessory you'll find at your local phone repair store but rather a line of luxury Swiss-made watches. You've got your traditional analogue watch face on the outside of the wrist, whilst the Apple Watch stays hidden away on the inside (cue Dick Tracy impersonations). The watch itself has a 41mm case and is water resistant to the frightening depth of 100m (don't get out your scuba tanks just yet, because the Apple Watch is only resistant to less than a third of that).

If you're one of the few who doesn't wear an Apple Watch just to be a bit cooler than your friends, then this might be a nice way to sport one without giving it away. Don't expect it to be comfortable though, because typing with your wrist upside down isn't going to please any of your tendons. 


The Pinnacle range requires a fair bit of investment, with the cheapest stainless steel edition setting you back US$9,300. And there's a delivery window of almost a year, so by the time your Pinnacle arrives there may already be a new Apple Watch released. If you're not the patient type, then you could always spend $200 more on a blue face and cut the delivery time to between eight and ten months. 

If the thought of waiting eight months makes you antsy, then get ready to shell out $112,000 for the 18-karat gold Pinnacle, complete with red dial and the gold Apple Watch Edition, which will take a meagre six to eight weeks to arrive.

If the Pinnacle is what you've been looking for, then head over to Nico Gerard and pre-order one now.

If you, like us, think it's insane, then wait and see what other wacky Apple Watch variations will come next!