Uber gets a facelift

Catch an Uber faster than the headshake of that rickshawala turning you down

Wait. Uber? Ain’t they busy collecting petitions?

Yes. In fact, we don’t even know if these petitions will stop Maharashtra government from banning them. ‘Cos y’all know, Maharashtra government seems to be banning things a lot of things these days. So much so that we suspect their office has been relocated to Bandra. (Got it?)



But I am not from Maharashtra.

Lucky you. Uber has revamped its app from scratch, adding new features and optimizing the existing ones to make it personalised and easily accessible ride for you.

By strictly sticking to the business of transport, the fundamental aspect of the new Uber app is built around one question - ‘Where to?’



You, sir, exaggerate everything. Tell me what’s new and why I should sign that petition.

Now it’s easier than ever to select your destination, no matter if it’s a place or your drunk friend lost in Bandra lanes. Yes. You can set locations to places as well as people who you are about to meet.

Uber app will connect to your calendar, fish out the address and provide you with a shortcut to direct jump to that location when requesting an Uber cab. Time is money friend, can’t waste those precious seconds typing for locations.

Now you can even compare fares among the cars before you choose one. Uber will provide you all the various fares available in one tap.  

Happy? Now go sign that petition and save us and Uber.