True calling: Nokia wants to make phones again

Could the Finnish company once again bring home the bacon?

Nokia, the former emperor of the mobile phone world, has stated that it wishes re-enter the market.

In an interview with German publication Manager Magazin, CEO Rajeev Suri made the company's intentions clear. "We will look for suitable partners" he said. "Microsoft makes mobile phones. We would simply design them then make the brand name available to license".

Licensing its brand name could be a smart move for Nokia, but it might find the process of wooing manufacturers difficult following its disastrous partnership with Microsoft. After acquiriing Nokia's handset arm, Microsoft found itself responsible for a business that haemorraged money and gained almost no traction with consumers: its share of the mobile market has been reported to be as low as three percent.

Even if Nokia finds a suitable partner, the company will be forced to play the waiting game. Under the terms of its deal with Microsoft, the company is restricted from using the Nokia brand until Q4 2016.

Whether it was the timing, or limited Microsoft ecosystem, or simply a lack of vision, Nokia's fall from grace in the mobile sector has been near-complete. It's easy to forget just how successful Nokia was in the late 90s. To give you an indication, the six top selling phones of all time are all Nokia handsets. The combined sales of this group of ultra-successful phones equates to over one billion units.

Those halcyon days are well and truly over for Nokia, but it will be interesting to see where the company attempts slot itself back into already overpopulated hierarchy of smartphones. It seems a certainty that Nokia will jump on the Android bandwagon after its own failure at kickstarting a mobile OS. Whether it will try and compete with premium devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 or go back to basics with a budget model remains to be seen.

[Source: The Verge]