The Triumph Bonneville T100 will make you crave the open road

A 900cc twin and styling cues from a ’59 Bonneville give it the heart of a rock n’ rolling bruiser-cruiser

Old-school look meets 21st-century tech. Hey, even rock n’ rollers need to move with the times.

That’s why many of us prefer the looks of old-school bikes. But that presents a dilemma - we love the designs from another era, but we also care about modern engineering. After all, when all that stands between you and a sheer drop somewhere in the Himalayas is the safety kit that wasn’t quite available in the days of James Dean, what do you do?



The answer is blowin’ in the wind

Simple, you get a bike that combines old-school flair and modern engineering into one user-friendly package. Something like the Triumph Bonneville T100. It’s got a 900cc twin-cylinder heart that’s good for 54hp and 80Nm torque. And it’s got oodles of safety and convenience kit as well: ABS, Traction Control, immobiliser, USB power socket, LED tail lamps, a trip computer, and yes, ride-by-wire tech.

And yet, with loads of chrome and design lines that evoke a quieter (no smartphone alerts, for one), less complicated (no friends getting angry at you for not liking their pouty selfies) era, it’s not strayed too far from its classic roots. So go on, don your leathers, grab your helmet, gather up around 7.78 lakh (that’s the ex-showroom price in Delhi), and give in to the lure of the open road.