Treat yourself to these noise-cancelling wireless headphones right now

Sony’s MDR-1000X is packed to the brim with cool features

In terms of bang-per-buck, nothing beats a good pair of headphones. Shut your yakking colleagues out? Rock out to AC/DC in the middle of a crowded Metro? We’re making sense now, aren’t we?

With a list price of ₹30,990, the MDR-1000x isn’t a budget headset, so if that’s what you’re looking for, come back later. But if you want something that’s got all the bells and whistles, then you might want to see what Sony’s newest Bluetooth headphones are all about.


The basics? You get Bluetooth streaming, 40mm drivers, a 4Hz-40kHz response and wired usage. But there’s a lot more here: ‘Industry-leading’ (in Sony’s words) noise cancellation (with a particular emphasis on vehicle and voice noise), a Personal NC Optimiser feature (it somehow measures the shape of your head and the way you wear the headset) to make more more effective NC, an ambient mode so you can still hear a bit of what’s going on outside (pretty useful, as anyone who’s missed a flight sitting in an airport lounge will attest), a touch-to-instantly-reduce-volume quick attention feature and 20 hours of playback when using noise cancellation..


Sony’s also pointing to the MDR-1000X’s audio quality as a reason to buy it: It supports high-res audio (using Sony’s S-Master HX digital amp tech and LDAC codec) and has Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine, which upscales compressed audio files.

Makes for a pretty neat gift-to-yourself this Diwali, doesn’t it? Hop over to Sony’s website to find out more.