Train journeys might be more fun with PressPlay TV streaming

Some trains now offer free video streaming service on AC coaches

Die-hard romantics might love train journeys, but we think they get very boring - you spend hours watching the countryside roll by, mobile service is spotty and there’s usually a talkative passenger who insists on telling you his life story.

But the folks at PressPlayTV think they’ve sorted out this issue and can make train journeys palatable to even the worst Internet addict of all time - thanks to free video streaming. So what do you get? for starters, it’s completely free and uses Wi-Fi - which means you don’t burn through your data quota. In all, there are over 30 channels on offer - from Bollywood movies and sports to news and trending videos (yay, now you get to jump on the viral video bandwagon while sitting in a fog-delayed train). You can also use the mobile app (Android only, although an iOS app is in the works) to continue watching your movie even once you reach your destination.

As of now, a few trains between Delhi and Udaipur / Bikaner have PressPlay TV Wi-Fi hotspots installed in AC coaches, but you can expect the service to be rolled out to other trains soon.