TrackMania Turbo gets the green light; racing starts 25 March

Extra time in the pit lane should mean Turbo is operating on all cylinders

Get ready for some seriously gravity defying racing - TrackMania Turbo has just been given starter’s orders and will be landing in March.

The bonkers digital hybrid of WipeOut and Scalextric has been around for almost 13 years, but Turbo is the first entry in the series to make its way to consoles. It’s heading to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on the 25th of March.

It’s got the same fiendishly difficult tracks as the rest of the series, letting you throw matchbox cars through impossible loops and over massive jumps.

There are more than 200 tracks making the cut at launch. TrackMania fan favourite International Stadium makes a reappearance, along with Canyon Grand Drift, Valley Down & Dirty, and new entry rollercoaster lagoon.

You’ll be able to race against the clock with time trial modes, or pit your times against other players online. If you’re feeling creative, you can take the Trackbuilder tool for a spin and create your own challenges.

There are plenty of cars to choose from an everything’s been given a next-gen spit and polish too. It certainly all looks slick in the release trailer above.

After last year's delay, when players reported the beta version needed more tuning, the 25th of March can't come soon enough.