Time to bin your laptop: Intel’s 6th gen CPUs are here

Skylake will replace Broadwell chips and will be really fast. Obviously

The age of Broadwell is over... welcome to the brave new world of Skylake.

Alright, so the announcement of Intel's 6th generation Core CPUs probably won't make that much difference to your life, but it will make a difference to your laptop.

How much better is it? Well, Intel cheated a bit by comparing the 6th generation's skills to those of three year-old laptops, rather than directly to Broadwell, but we'll indulge them on this occasion: Intel reckons Skylake will get you 2.5x the overall performance, 30x the graphics performance and three times the battery life of your knackered old laptop.

Intel says we’ll see 800 different computers use the 50-plus varieties of the 6th-gen CPUs. That’s right, there'll be Skylake chips powering everything from teeny tiny stick PCs to heatsink-melting gaming rigs. The M3 and M5 versions will power updated versions of Intel's own Compute Stick PCs, while M3, M5 and M7 chips will be found inside new tablets and will give them "twice the performance".

The first new products using the processors will arrive later this year.