Time to 3D is a one-stop-shop for all things 3D printing

This 3D printing heaven lets you learn, print and buy

Three dimensional printing. Sounds too good to be true.

Even for tech savvy nuts like us, 3D printing was a far-fetched luxury of the rich. The technology exists since many years now and very recently has been glorified for direct consumer use. Yet it slips away from our attention as being marked ‘too expensive’ or ‘unavailable in India’.

This and the lack of awareness of the technology is exactly what the folks at Imaginarium along with Time Media Communications are trying to tackle. Hence a brick and mortar store for printing all things in 3D. We’ve been there and the minute we saw what it has in-store, we couldn’t help but spend extended hours inside. Toddling around like kindergarteners at the first sight of everything.


Printer of life

So what can you 3D print? Basic question, right? The answer is quite simple - everything. Well almost. Now walking into the store at Vile Parle (Mumbai) you’ll immediately have your head turning to things that look and feel sculptured. For a brief moment you might even be fooled by the precision of the machine and how capable it is at printing metal products.

Plastic being the main ingredient for printing, you can find wood, gold and even chocolate used in the materials for printing. Yes, chocolate. Now you know exactly why we spent extended hours documenting everything.

There are three ways to print your dreams in 3D. Scan an object and 3D print its replica (we got our faces printed). Or download the file from the internet (a Hulk statue maybe) or make one yourself using softwares and get it in a pen drive, print it and enjoy. Simple right?

The applications of 3D printing spread far and wide, from automation to jewellery to even 3D printing human organs. It's limited by your imagination. Even opening a possibility of printing your own product line.

After an object is 3D printed, you can paint it and give it finishing touches to look like something from a gift shop. Something we learned after holding the immediate 3D printed object and the identical object after finishing touches and paint job side-by-side. It’s unreal. The after-work on a 3D printed object will leave you dumbfounded.

Imaginarium has strategically placed their 3D printing nirvana at Vile Parle which serves as a focus point for over 30 schools and colleges. The shop where you can come to print something of your own and take it with you (here’s the exact location of the shop). And if you are any bit interested in learning (there are courses on offer), printing or even buying one, go ahead. They might even welcome you with 3D printed tea cups.

Time to 3D shop address

Vile Parle (West) Sky Walk,

LIC Colony, Kamala Nagar,


Next to McDonlads.

Near Vile Parle station.

Mumbai - 400056