These gorgeous spherical kebab speakers should sound as good as they look

Cubes are great and all, but we appreciate fine curves too

Ooooh, prettyAren't they just? The Envy 3 speaker system is designed by dba, or Demand Better Audio. A name like that sets the standards rather high, and the Envy 3 speakers deliver.

Are they blessed with the souls of an angelic choir?Well, they could be we suppose, but we can't guarantee any mystical powers. 

What we can say with confidence, is that these speakers have been engineered for high level sound, and a large part of their audio excellence is down to their spherical shape. It minimises annoying audio anomalies like diffraction and coloration, which are problems that are often found in more traditional box-shaped speakers.

They look expensive. Do spheres cost more than cubes?It's not just the shape you'll be paying for. High quality materials like carbon fibre, aluminium, Kevlar adhesives and the same anti-vibration membranes found in F1 cars are all blended together forming not just a pair of speakers, but works of art.


I expect my ears to weep with joyIf they do, call a doctor. That's not normal. Metaphors aside, your expectations should be met. An 80mm woven carbon super-wide driver takes care of the mid-range, while bass is pumped out from a 3in voice coil, specifically shaped for optimum dispersion. Its centre section is able to radiate the highest frequencies, while the outer portion rumbles out the lower tones.

A high performance tweeter capable of producing high frequency sound rounds off the Envy 3's stellar audio credentials.

How many of my children do I have to sell?Considering that the Envy 3 starts from £4,990 (Around 4,50,000), we reckon you'll have to part with at least one. But it's ok. We doubt little Timmy looks or sounds as good as the Envy 3, and you'll save money with one less mouth to feed too. It's a no brainer, if you ask us. 

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