These boots are made for... controlling?

And that’s just what the Digitsole Smartshoe will do

Dear ol’ Nancy Sinatra had no idea how the shoe scene would change as the years passed by.

But that’s because they didn’t have Digitsole at that time. Well, lucky for us then, that Digitsole took CES 2016 with an, ummm, insole? Well, not just an insole, but also a proper functioning smart shoe that would fit in perfectly in the next Tron sequel.


The Digitsole Smartshoe 01 can warm your feet, track your day, check how many calories your lazy soul has burned. It also has shock absorption measurement tech and, the best part of it all - you don’t have to lace it up - it doesn’t have laces, so you know how it is to be in Marty McFly’s shoes. Dear lord, save our soles from these miserable puns. Anyway, it all works through an app on your Android or Apple smartphone that connects to your shoe via Bluetooth.

Not that smart-a-shoe

Don’t want the flashy Smartshoe 01? Digitsole also has the Warm Sneaker, which looks like something your old gramps would be proud to own. It comes with a similar set of features and can warm your feet, track your day and check how many calories you’ve burnt, but you have to tie your own laces. That’s a deal breaker right there. Unless you want to go in for the Warm Jumps instead - they have heels and look like they might not be the most comfortable, but we’re sure the ladies are pretty well-versed with such a concoction. And with these things keeping feet warm, it is plenty charming.

Measure your soul

What? You don’t want any of these? There are insoles that let you measure your feet’s posture, analyse feet movements and also send you alerts. Sounds like a dream for those obsessed with pedicures and feet in general. Have a foot-fitness fetish? Visit their website.