These balance boards let you play iPad games with your feet

You’ll be a pro at the balance beam in no time

Tablets aren’t designed for anything beyond casual gaming. Sure, you can fire up Call of Bullets: New-fangled Shooter Battle VI, but on-screen controls instantly kill any semblance of control.

There are gamepads to rectify this situation of course, and many touchscreen-orientated casual games are genuinely fun to play. Swingy is a unique controller which blends both physical controls with casual gaming, and it’s controlled entirely by your feet. Well, your whole body, really.

Consisting of two Bluetooth and accelerometer-equipped balance boards, Swingy lets kids and adults (weighing up to 136kgs) step up, and control games simply by shifting their weight and balance across both boards.

As things stand, there’s just one game that’ll be available at launch - Swing Pong - which lets you control both paddles, but the creators are aiming to roll out at least one more game by the time Swingy starts being sent out to Kickstarter backers.

Its button-cell battery should be good for six months before it needs changing, which beats plugging in a cable after each session, and you can back Swingy for US$88 (about ₹5730) on Kickstarter right now, if you fancy it.

[via Mac World]