These are the games we can’t wait to play on the PS4 Pro

4K and HDR video? Sign us up - gaming on the PS4 Pro is going to look gorgeous

Sony just rocked our socks with the PS4 Pro Indian launch- it's the 4K resolution-packing, HDR-playing super console we've been waiting for.

There's plenty of reasons to get excited, whether you're itching to play the latest releases or have a backlog of old games you haven't gotten round to yet. It's because Sony has persuaded developers to remaster and optimise existing games for 4K and HDR.

That means there's going to be a lot to choose by the time the February release rolls around - and that's after you include all the juicy launches that are already out.

Here are a few of our favourites.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

The year’s best game so far deserves to be played in the best possible quality, so Uncharted 4 is being updated to support the PS4 Pro. That means you’re going to see a whole bunch of historical buildings and artifacts crumble in astonishing fashion. As if we needed an excuse to play Nathan Drake’s final adventure all over again.

Infamous: First Light

This was the first game that truly sold the power of the PlayStation 4, so it makes sense to act as a PS4 Pro showcase too. Infamous: Second Son's standalone expansion had some pretty kick-ass visuals when they were running at 1080p and in SDR, but they'll be turned up to 11 for the more powerful hardware. If you thought the fictionalised version of Seattle was faithfully reproduced and the electrically-powered superpowers looked spectacular back then, you'll be blown away once you see them in 4K.

Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor is arguably the must-play game of this console generation, so it being updated to support the PS4 Pro is fantastic news. Even if the mere mention of dwarves and orcs is usually enough to bring you out in hives, Mordor’s immense Nemesis system is worth putting those fears aside for. This is a title for Tolkien megafans and everyday geeks alike.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare got a downright hostile fan reaction when it was announced last year. So how do you respond to a record number of YouTube dislikes? By jazzing your space-themed frag fest in 4K, of course. Just imagine how gory those headshots are gonna be.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Killzone never really went beyond its reputation of being the best-looking shooter on PlayStation, but now developer Guerilla has been given a new franchise to turn its hand to. It’s fair to say this open-world action adventure game owes a stylistic debt to James Cameron's 3D-goggled spectacular Avatar. Given the studio’s heritage, it looks absolutely stunning with a mix of high-tech dino-bots and nature reclaiming the planet back from humanity. And now HDR makes it look even better - which to be honest we didn't think was possible.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The best sci-fi RPG series yet may have ended with a damp squib (no spoilers), but if anything, that’s just made us more excited for the next installment. It’s a full character and story reset, with a new protagonist taking over from Captain Shepard hundreds of years in the future. The PS4 Pro reveal gave us the first look at its gameplay, showing a familiar setting and gameplay - namely jet-packing around an foreign planet. The real draw here will be the stellar writing and voice acting, as well as playing another series of games where your choices have a real, lasting effect.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Sneaking, sniping or smashing your way through a neo-futuristic world where augmented humans are treated like second-class citizens will look even better with HDR. Deus Ex is already beautifully stylised, but the extra dynamic range will really let sparks fly and add extra (colour) depth to Jenson’s adventure.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the game that sold us the Xbox One S. Wrestling your way through a Siberian snowstorm at the game’s opening is absolutely glorious in Ultra HD on the PS4 Pro’s arch-nemesis, and it should look just as good on Sony’s new console. Plus its 20 Year Celebration edition comes with additional PS VR content.