There's a new super-charger on the scene...

...and it rapidly charges four devices at a time

You got one phone in your pocket, and the other is busy getting charged? Look what we got here. It's called the Toreto Quad, it's an AC adapter and it's got four USB ports.

Look closer, and you'll see that there's nicely labelled slots: iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Other (yes, that Other would be your Nokia or Moto G).

The Quad can charge all four devices simultaneously with a total output of 4.2A, and shows no partiality to any fruits whatsoever. Toreto claims it "offers the fastest charge on the market", with LED light indicators telling you when your device is fully charged and an auto cut-off to prevent overcharging.

At 1499, we'd add this lightweight to our travel kit - it's easier than lugging multiple chargers about when on holiday.