There's a new PS4 model, and a new name for Project Morpheus

Sony's console gets quieter, lighter and more energy efficient

If you've delayed getting a PlayStation 4 for whatever reason, it's time to feel vindicated.

Why? Well, the new "C-Chassis" version of Sony's console is not only lighter in weight and more power efficient than the two year-old launch console, but has some other little tweaks. Apparently the CUH-1200 edition is at least 12 decibles quieter and uses 30 watts less power.

The touch-sensitive power and disc eject controls have also been swapped out for more responsive mechanical buttons. Apparently the machine does run a little hotter but has fewer memory modules on the motherboard with a lower-output power supply. So, all things considered, you'll probably want the new model if you're shopping for a PS4. To find out which one you're buying, just check the box: the older models are called CUH-1215 instead of CUH-1200. 

Sony also held its Tokyo Game Show press conference this morning. Honestly, there wasn't a whole lot there to get excited about (unless you think swappable coloured faceplates for the PS4 are exciting...?) but there's one nugget that grabbed our attention: Project Morpheus has a new, official name. Yes, Sony's virtual reality headset is now called "PlayStation VR". It's not exactly imaginative, but it does what it says on the tin. 

The headset won't be out until next year, and Sony says the version we've seen is not the final retail model. So there may be some surprises to come in the run-up to launch.

[Source: Gizmodo]