Thanks to HPCL, Magenta Power, car and bike charging coming soon to a lamppost near you

Street lamp integrated EV charger for e-vehicles

If you were planning to own an e-car or e-bike, but had questions about where you could charge it if your battery runs out, then fret no more.

A project supported by HPCL, Magenta Power, a startup, has announced EV chargers that can be installed around the city. These charging posts can replace your existing lamppost or be installed on existing ones so that you could park your car or bike at the location and charge your way back home or to work. The lamp posts may start sprouting up around you as early as April 2020.

Street Lamp Integrated EV Charger – ‘ChargeGrid Flare’ is designed in partnership with HPCL to offer energy-efficient street light combined with EV charging points. This implementation shall enable the city to deploy curbside vehicle charging more quickly, with lower cost and less street clutter, and can be installed in new and existing car parking, street/corporate parking environments and at retail outlets. Charging and the payment gateway is integrated into the ChargeGrid app.