Tata Motors will now sell all of its vehicles online

Moves to a contactless sales platform in India

The coronavirus pandemic is not only changing the way we communicate socially but also changing how manufacturers launch their products as well.

Indeed, all of it is changing for the better, so keeping the current norm of social distancing, Tata Motors is also changing the way it sells its wide range of vehicles.

Since nobody can visit its showrooms during the lockdown, Tata Motors decided to take its dealership sales online. ‘Click to Drive’ is what Tata calls its completely contactless sales platform, and it takes online all of the 750+ outlets nationwide. This in turn allows customers to shop for cars from the comfort of their homes.

It’s obvious that not being able to see and feel their cars physically is a big hurdle here, so Tata Motors has enhanced the way they showcase their cars online.

Buying a car is fairly simple. Customers simply need to register on the Click to Drive website, following which they can select a product of their choice and begin shopping by browsing through video brochures that detail the features of  each and every car.

The recently launched Tata Altroz, for example, has its own virtual experience called the ‘Imaginator’, which allows customers to customise their vehicles online.

Once selected, the booking amount can be paid online, post which the customer receives all the details by email, followed by calls from the selected dealer.