Take a Ride To The Roots with Nucleya

Nucleya’s got a documentary, guys

Party animals and robo dancing nuts assemble.

Redbull has got something that will please all Nucleya fans. A free screening to the latest Nucleya documentary in select cities in India.

Yes, Nucleya, the guy who sold out stadiums and released albums in a procession during Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai.

New Sagar

True fans will know that Nucleya’s real name is Udyan Sagar but not a lot of people have been introduced to his earlier days of struggle.

The Ride To The Roots is exactly what most rave hoppers are looking for. An insightful half an hour documentary into the life of Nucleya - the struggle of becoming an independent electronic musician in India.

The documentary will be on VH1 channel on August 15th and on Red Bull TV on August 21th. If you wish to watch it on the big screen with Dolby Atmos, you can follow this link to register yourself for a free ticket to the nearest INOX cinema.