Swing your sword in Ubisoft's new IP - For Honor

Axe nicely and we'll cut to the chase

It's great when a title comes out of nowhere and smacks you in the jaw.

That's exactly how we feel about Ubisoft's reveal of For Honor, a multiplayer sword warfare game featuring a mixture of samurai, medieval knights, and vikings. Yes, you heard that right.

At the company's press conference earlier today we were treated to a dose of gameplay footage that makes us want to pick up the PS4 controller and do some hacking ourselves.

Combat is heavily focused on the position and movement of the sword itself, and is precision based. It looks like lobbing your sword around like it's Skryim won't cut the mustard here.

The game will also feature objective based play, with teams of four on either side competing to win dominion over objectves be they castle or samurai mansion (we really don't know what the correct word is here. Palace?)

We leave you with the announcement trailer which features people in armor screaming. Lots.