Summer photography special, Xbox One X, Dyson factory visit and more in the August issue - out now!

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Oh it’s raining. Quick, call in sick at work and plan a getaway within a 100km radius.

Or, if you’re feeling a little more creative, pick up anything that can take a picture and head wherever you fancy being.


Worried that you haven’t got the right gear to get some stellar summer snaps? Worry not: Stuff’s photography guide will help you take amazing photos with just about anything. Except a microwave. So grab your smartphone, DSLR or compact and get shooting.


And, just to make sure you’re not late for tea after a long day’s shutterbugging, we’ve picked a selection of gadgets for the modern kitchen. Put that electric kettle to use - make a cup of tea or instant noodles to take care of hunger pangs, steam cookers for a quick meal, even an outdoor grill for a BBQ party with the pals.

As Dyson gears up to enter the Indian market, we accepted an invite to visit the facility in Malmesbury, England to be awed by the amount of dust these Dyson suckers are capable of cleaning up. From the manufacturing facility, R&D, even their breathtakingly beautiful campus (especially the cafeteria that serves meals prepared by Michelin starred chefs) blew us away.

Down at the testing facility this month, we’ve been getting down to it with the iPad 10.5 Pro, HTC’s squeezable handset, Nokia 3310, and HP’s Omen laptops – we’ve had our hands full this month. Wanna take a break from all the reading? We’ve lined up a few games too for your entertainment.

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