Suit up and put your game face on, ‘cos Comic Con’s coming to town

With great cosplay comes great entertainment

The weather’s improving and what better way to get into the festive spirit than by cosplaying your heart out


We don’t really have much of a spidey sense, but our geeky instincts are tingling like an angry bunch of (green) hornets. Yup folks, it’s time to gather your mates and head to Comic Con for an evening of cosplay and all-round fun and games. Expect plenty of fun, interactive stuff, the kind to put a smile even on the face of a brooding Batman fan. There’ll be meet-and-greet sessions, new comic launches, chances to pick up merchandise, special seminars on living your dreams (the next Stan Lee? Why not!), gaming zones and loads of other fun activities.


May the Force be with you

But if you’re not a mere dilettante and take great pride in your costume-making skills, get crafting and get set for a set of cosplay contests with the winners getting to take part in the Indian Championship of Cosplay. Doesn’t matter what floats your boat - gaming, Anime, Manga, sci-fi, TV, movies or graphic novels - just suit up and prepare for battle.


All set then for an evening rubbing shoulders with fellow gamers and comic-book fans? Hyderabad fans have already had a taste in September, and the show comes to Mumbai (22-23 October), then heads to Bengaluru (12-13 November), and finally, lands in Delhi (9-11 December). So hop (fly? teleport?) over to for more information!