Stuff October issue out now!

And it will make you go 'Oh Snap'

Years ago if someone had told us one day you will be toting a camera toting slab in your pocket that will blow your socks off we would have said.. We don't wear socks. 

Basic hygiene notwithstanding, the best camera in the world is the one in your pocket when you need it. We get it, so our cover story this time around will tell you how to take amazing photos with anything. We've got tips, we've got tricks and we've got everything in between. If that wasn't enough we also got the best smartphone cameras in the world together in one room and then let them shoot each other to death, kind of like The Hunger Games.

September just rolled by and there are two things that happen around this time of the year, every year without fail- A lot of Green Day is played and Apple announces something that the world goes nuts about. This time though the world has a legit reason to go crazy. 3D touch in the new iPhones is a big enough announcement alone but sometimes when it rains, it pours so we got the massive iPad Pro announcement as well. Along with the Apple Pencil. Now now, no need to scoff, let's give it a chance. If Apple prices give your heart a little unpleasant flutter though, fret not dear reader because we have something for everyone in Stuff's October issue. We collected ₹10,000 and scoured the Indian marketplace for the best sub-10k smartphone. The result? A bunch of great phones that will not break the bank at all.

Too much tech? How about some fresh air? How about some freshest air? Two of the biggest petrolheads at Stuff went to two different ends of the world to get an automotive experience like no other. One went to Leh in a Mahindra Thar and the other went to Stuttgart to say hello to angry little Porsches in their home. 

We aren’t done yet. There's a lot more where that came from. The biggest tech launches, the choicest apps, the what to watch out for, and what not to watch, we’ve got all covered. Just get your fix on real paper and subscribe right here or put that tablet of yours to good use and get a digital copy of Stuff instead.