Stuff October issue is here!

We step into the realm of Virtual Reality...

The future is in the now, and the now is VR. Virtual Reality is on its way into our homes, cars and faces, you guys.

Not convinced? Have a look at our cover story, where we’ve gone in-depth with the frontiers in the virtual field - the Oculus and the HTC Vive. And we’ve listed no less than 25 games that will soon change the way you game.

Excited? Then wait till you read what we saw and experienced at Audi. Yes, the guys at Audi are all set to merge VR with everyday commerce as well as car tech and change the way we drive, navigate and even shop.

But what about the phones, you ask. They’ve both arrived on our pages with a bang, though not the same kind of bang (wink, wink). We take a close look at the iPhone before its Indian launch and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gets the rundown it deserves.

You’ll have to wait for the comparison test - we’re waiting for the fire extinguishers to arrive.


There’s other superior tech in the form of the liquid-cooled Asus ROG GX700, the slimmer-than-a-communion-wafer HP Spectre 13 and the 4K-capable Samsung UA65KS9000K LCD TV. And, of course, the now sleeker Audi A4 35TFSI. It’s been a blazin’ month indeed!


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