Stuff India Exclusive: LG OLED E6

The best picture in the world?

During the past couple of decades, the proliferation of HD has sparked many such headlines. But we really could be at the cusp of what is the beginning of a TV revolution all over again.

LG seems to be fronting it by adopting the right technology for doing so. OLED has been on the fringes of cutting-edge tech show demos for years now, but LG has finally distilled it down to mainstream level and the 2016 range of OLED televisions not only offer the groundbreaking contrast and colour reproduction but now also come with 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR! 

We got our hands on an exclusive sample of the 65in E6T model and as you can see from the video, it has all the ingredients to become the world's best telly at the moment. Here are some reasons why: It’s got 65 inches of big-screen goodness, the vibrant colours possible only with LG OLED’s Rich Colour technology that is capable of reproducing a billion colours, the realism of Dolby Vision HDR and total immersion thanks to audio by Harman / Kardon.



Driven by self-emitting pixel tech, OLED panels give viewers deep blacks and perfect colours at the same time. The drama of an arthouse flick, the energy and exuberance of a summer hit - it all comes alive with the magic of OLED.


LG 4K OLED TVs come with Dolby Vision HDR, which gives you insanely deep blacks, a wider range of colours, astonishing brightness, and best of all, scene-by-scene optimisation. Dolby Vision has metadata that can decode every scene of a movie and adjust its parameters accordingly, making it the only way to do justice to a movie if you're a true cinephile.


Your new LG OLED 4K TV displays real Cinematic Colour thanks to the Billion Rich Colours tech that can easily go head-to-head with a digital cinema.What does that mean? A cinema-grade experience in the comfort of your own home. Perfect!


Another area where LG televisions have simply no competition. Thanks to WebOS 3.0 and LG’s Magic Remote, these Smart TVs are not just powerful, they're completely intuitive too. From movie streaming apps to social media - it’s all here.


Real cinephiles know the audio setup is essential to a cinema-quality movie experience. Luckily, LG’s OLED 4K televisions come with 2.2 Channel audio by the masters of Hi-Fi sound, Harman / Kardon. Yes, hear everything, feel everything!


LG’s TVs offer features for the whole family. Multiple inputs let you plug in consoles and Blu-Ray players, the Screen Share feature lets you cast your mobile screen onto the TV, while controlling your phone with the Magic Remote will amaze your guests.


The gorgeous E6 uses LG’s new Blade Slim Design, which makes this OLED 4K set ultra-slim, ultra-chic and ultra-sexy. This bold new approach to making televisions means you get a TV set that fits perfectly in your stylish new villa.

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