The Stuff Hot Five

These are the top five products worth your time and money this week

We see a lot of products every week here on Stuff (India). But come Monday, which are the ones we actually want to take home with us? Every week, we condense all of the many products we see into the Hot Five — the definitive list of the best new gadgets to lust after, buy and use.

These are the best products, the top apps and games, and the best tech accessories to blow this week’s savings on. Read this, and you’ll have absorbed the best of last week on the Stuff India website! But please, do also read the rest of the website.

5) Rockstar gives us a first look at Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay

Yeehaw! Mosey on down to the corral and tip your ten gallon hat to Rockstar Games because (with a mere six or so weeks to go until it’s released), they’ve just given us our first overview of Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay.

We’ve always known that it’s a Rockstar open world game with all that entails, but this week’s six-minute trailer puts some meat on the bones, showing off combat, horse riding and care, hunting, poker and more, plus giving us plenty of Old West eye candy into the bargain (we mean, just look at those sweeping vistas…). They’ll be further gameplay reveal videos out in the run-up to launch, so keep your eyes peeled.

4) Xiaomi’s Mi A2 thrives on Android One for real cheap

 Xiaomi’s always stepping up their game and taking their smartphones to another level. They’re offering a 6in smartphone thriving on Android One to please purists, backed up with great dual cameras, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for just ₹16,999.

Curious to read more? Click the link below.

3) Samsung unveils a smartwatch with stamina

Battery life is the new smartwatch battleground, it seems, with almost every new release boasting of better stamina than Apple’s “charge me once a day or I’m useless” Watch. It’s true of the new Galaxy Watch, which Samsung unveiled alongside its Galaxy Note 9 phablet this week and claims a battery life of “several days” between charges.

It’s also a bit of a looker, favouring trad wristwatch styling that keeps its smart functionality on the downlow. But it’s there, lurking beneath the surface: a bumper crop of health and fitness features and 4G connectivity for starters. One to watch (no pun intended).

2) Microsoft’s docked the Surface Book 2 and Laptop in India

Microsoft’s two new heroes are here in India to save the day. The Surface Book 2 and Surface Laptop are the perfect blend of hardware and software to compete against the likes of Apple’s Macbook running on MacOS. They’ve put together a machine to deliver performance, power and good looks.

Housing Intel’s i5 and i7 processors, Windows 10S, lots of RAM, rock solid body, lightweight, long battery life and what not. Read the link below to know more.

1) Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s biggest phablet yet

With a 6.4in curved screen (and no notch!), Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9 is its largest phablet yet. It comes with an eye-wateringly sizeable ₹67,900 asking price to match (and that’s for the cheaper edition!), but in return Samsung is promising buyers a smarter S-Pen stylus (which now comes with Bluetooth and the ability to work as a remote shutter controller for the camera), a big old’ 4000mAh battery for hold steady stamina and built-in DeX to turn it into a full-on desktop computer (provided you buy an HDMI adapter to hook it up to your monitor or telly).

You can read about all the new additions and evolutions in our overview piece below, but rest assured we’ll be running it through our ruthless reviews process ASAP.