The Stuff Hot Five

These are the top five products worth your time and money this week

We see a lot of products every week here on Stuff (India). But come Monday, which are the ones we actually want to take home with us? Every week, we condense all of the many products we see into the Hot Five — the definitive list of the best new gadgets to lust after, buy and use.

These are the best products, the top apps and games, and the best tech accessories to blow this week’s savings on. Read this, and you’ll have absorbed the best of last week on the Stuff India website! But please, do also read the rest of the website.

5) Samsung wants you to think of them when you think TV

Think of TV and chances are Samsung will be one of the three names that you’re thinking of. To ensure it stays ahead of the other two (LG and Sony) they showed us around three new ranges that include the top-end QLED, a mid-end UHD and a ‘made for India’ Concert Series that is “merely” Full HD but prioritises sound over a gazillion pixels.

Increasing the overall model count by a massive 60% over 2017, Samsung claims that it wants to be clearly seen as the market leader in this segment that consists of smart TVs, 4K TVs and their own brand QLED TVs that take the fight to Sony and LG’s OLED variants.

What more? Click the link at the bottom to look at Samsung’s Pixel-gushing QLED TV’s of 2018.

4) Alexa’s on Fire in Amazon’s latest TV streamer

Amazon has announced a new Fire TV product – and it’s packing the same Alexa voice control smarts as the Echo speaker range. That means you’ll barely have to reach for the included remote, but can request shows, adjust the volume and more merely through the power of speech – as well as engage in all the other fun Alexa-powered stuff like controlling your smart home products, asking about tomorrow’s weather or find out how many calories there are in your massive bowl of popcorn.

3) HTC ramp walks the midrange Desire 12 and 12+ to India

These A+ fashion graduates by HTC mimic the U11’s liquid surface glass and look just as stunning. Although, they don't pack as much from the inside in terms of power and speed. The 5.5in Desire 12 does fairly OK in terms of specs, but the 6in Desire 12+ does slightly better, but again, it’s here to sway users with its looks. Both phones keep the headphone jack, but don’t make the leap to USB-C charging - you’re stuck with outdated microUSB here. If you’re after a bargain phone with serious style, the Desire 12 (₹15,800) and Desire 12+ (₹19,790) are available to pre-order from HTC's website post June 11. Stay tuned for a review coming soon.

2) Get a taste of the future with the mid-range Vivo X21

First there were passwords and keylocks, then came fingerprint scanning, later on came face and iris scanning and now through Vivo’s OLED screen you can unlock the phone with your fingerprint through the display itself. Much wow. We tried and tested it in various scenarios and were quite satisfied with it.

Although, there were a few things apart from the unlocking bit that disappointed us and didn't live up to the ₹35,990k price tag. What are those things? Go read our review at the link below.


1) OnePlus’ Bullet Wireless earphones shoot for the stars

OnePlus announced a pair of wireless earphones alongside the favourite bargain-flagship of the year, and from the looks of it, seems like they've aced it in the sound department too. They plugged the proprietary DASH charge feature and added magnetic backs on the bullets wireless to make them stand out from the rest of its competition.

But isn't sound quality all that matters in a pair of earphones? Why don't you find out in our review at the link below. PS - These might just be the best you can get for the price, we didn't give it a five on five just like that right?