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Each week, we'll be counting down the five most important things in our world right now. The new gadgets that we're excited about - and that you should be excited about too. The games and apps we're desperate to play - and that we want you to enjoy too. The best phones and tablets and cameras and laptops and smartwatches and all the rest that we've reviewed that week - and that you should go out and buy.

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5) Print me baby

Imaginarium is strategically placed their 3D printing nirvana at Vile Parle which serves as a focus point for over 30 schools and colleges. The shop where you can come to print something of your own and take it with you (here’s the exact location of the shop).

 The applications of 3D printing spread far and wide, from automation to jewellery to even 3D printing human organs. It's limited by your imagination. Even opening a possibility of printing your own product line.

And if you are any bit interested in learning (there are courses on offer), printing or even buying one, go ahead. They might even welcome you with 3D printed tea cups.

4) Two is better than one

Fancy adding a splash of blurry bokeh to your photos? The Xiaomi Mi 6 can do just that, thanks to some twin camera cleverness that keeps pace with the iPhone 7 Plus. Beyond those twin 12MP snappers, which are also rocking optical image stabilisation, this 5.15in, Full HD flagship is also packing a Snapdragon 835 CPU and 6GB of RAM - so it’ll be a performance monster. Add in up to 128GB of storage, and wrap it up in either mirror-finish silver or ceramic black, and you get a slick slice of Chinese smartphone. There’s no headphone jack, though. Hope you like Bluetooth. It’s going on sale on the 28th of April through in China, with prices starting from ¥2,499 (around ₹23,000). We will keep you posted on the official Indian pricing and availablity as soon as we get it. 

3) Fire it up

Rejoice, couch potatoes, you can now watch Amazon Prime Video (and a lot more) on your TV. Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick, just launched in India and takes that tiresome task off the table. How? Voice control, of course.

 It’s a diddy little device, a bit like a USB thumbdrive, that plugs directly into a spare HDMI port on your TV and allows you to use apps and stream movies and shows from a number of different sources (Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube etc.).

But the killer feature is the aforementioned voice control - it can recognise Hindi and will definitely be a hit among the masses. Until we give it a try we won’t know exactly how clever it is, but we’ll be attempting to get hold of one for a full test soon. Stay tuned, lazyboneses!

It's available to order on Amazon today and will be in Croma and Reliance retail stores from now, priced at ₹3,999 (with ₹499 cashback for Prime members through Amazon Pay).  

But Amazon's got more offers to entice you into clicking on 'Buy Now': You get free data (100GB for 3 months on Airtel Broadband, 240GB on You Broadband) and free premium streaming (3 months' premium sub to Eros Now and 6 months' ad-free of Gaana).

2) Change my reality

Almost after a year of the international launch, India finally gets to wrap their peepers around the glorious HTC VR headset. 

The HTC Vive costs a whopping ₹92,990 and you'll be able to save your spot in line for HTC's headset exclusively from Amazon India - and that doesn't include the price of the beefy gaming PC needed to actually run it.

You also get two fully-fledged VR experiences - Everest VR and Richie’s Plank Experience - if you order it from Amazon.


Samsung could’ve stuck an octa-core chip and 4GB RAM, a 12MP snapper and a 3000mAh cell in its next phone and, judging by how astoundingly speedy the S8 is, it’d still have been a stellar flagship.

Samsung did that - while also plastering a whopping 5.8in AMOLED Infinite Display on the front. Despite its large diagonal, the phone is still palm-friendly (just), thanks to an 18:9 cinematic resolution which, paired with a barely-there frame, looks absolutely stunning.

Yes, its AI-assistant, Bixby, is a little limited at present and not all apps are optimised for 18:9, but the S8 is otherwise perfect.

Want more? Shell out ₹64,900 for the Galaxy S8 Plus and you’ll get better battery life and an even bigger screen to take Samsung’s new mobile even closer to perfection.