Stuff August issue is now on stands with essential travel tech and a top TV buyer’s guide

Plus the best Windows laptops and the new Range Rover Sport SE

Monsoons have kicked in, and how! 

But the beauty of Stuff’s “scorching” travel tech gadget guide is that it should prove the catalyst to book a proper getaway to drier, sunnier climes. City breaks, beach holidays, festivals and backpacking, we’ve got you covered – and given the August issue doubles as a terrific makeshift umbrella, that extends to sheltering you from the rain in the meantime.

What else is inside?

If you’ve waited for Wimbledon and the Cricket World Cup to get over before watching it on a big screen TV, we’d still say it’s never too late. We’ve got an essential guide to the best, smart idiot boxes of 2019. 

That’s not all, we’ve selected five of the best Windows laptops to help you choose from the best of slinky processing powerhouses. 


Huawei go again!

The Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 makes ‘affordable’ a promising proposition. Our review of this competitively priced model isn’t out yet, but it is definitely the hottest item on our Hot Four throne this month. Along with LEGO’s creator series, LG’s newest OLED presentation and the KIA Seltos. 

Another one of shiny metallic machines on our list includes the Range Rover Sport SE. a dynamic trendsetter in luxury and speed. Is this what gets your heart racing? Read to know our impressions of the six-cylinder monster. 


Electrify me

If that’s not all, we’ve visited the LG’s Korea HQ and drove Audi’s first ever luxury EV and came back nothing short of impressed. Not only were these visits a great way to escape the city’s deluge-like-situations, bad traffic jams and the general feeling of brood synonymous with this time of the year. 


Grab your copy

Stuff India’s network of tech experts have killed it yet again with many, taken a tearfully nostalgic look back at the Sega Dreamcast, and many gadget reviews to pore over. Buy your freshly cut copy from all good supermarkets and newsagents, online here with subscription special offers or digital editions courtesy of our friends at Magzter.