STK’s Q Touch gives your new iPhone 6 wireless charging abilities

No more getting envious of Android users each time you crawl under your desk looking for your charging cable

Wireless charging tech deserves some sort of a gadget Nobel. Serious. Anyone who’s stumbled home after a wild night out and tried to connect a charger before giving up and collapsing on the bed will agree with us...

If you’ve had enough of your Android-loving pals taking digs at your shiny new iPhone for its lack of that wonderful laziness-enabling tech known as wireless charging, here’s your chance to shut them up - STK’s new Q Touch Case and Pad. The lightweight Q Touch Case (5499) slips on over your iPhone 6, snapping its plug into the phone’s Lightning port. The Q Touch Case supports both Qi and PMA charging, making it compatible with any charging base you might have lying around. But if you don’t, you just need to pick up the Q Touch Pad (3999). This teeny little wireless charging pad supports Qi charging, so it should also work with most other devices that have wireless charging support. And as the Q Touch series wears an ‘Apple Certified’ badge with pride, you know your new phone’s safe as houses.