Sterilising your personal tech got even better on the go

Did you know your smartphone could be a breeding ground for diseases?

Summer is here and so are your sweaty hands. And add to that the current COVID-19 issue that needs special attention. But COVID or not, your personal gadgets do pick up a lot of unwanted, uninvited guests that could be an issue for you and your family ahead.

Yes, your smartphone, smartwatch, remote controller, wallet and many other such items that are handled by you and left unprotected in the open could be a breeding ground for diseases. The only option is to sanitise it on a daily basis. But how do you sanitize your face mask without any liquid?

DailyObjects, a shopping website, has unveiled a portable mobile and personal objects UV sterilizer-cum-wireless charger. The unit looks like a pencil box but is actually a wireless charger for your phone (when placed on the lid) and acts as a UV steriliser for all your personal items (placed inside the box). It kills all germs (up to 99%) when exposed to the built-in UV-C lights for just 5 minutes. This DailyObjects UV Sterilizer & Wireless Charger is available for 4,800 (excluding taxes).