Start saving now if you want your house to be clean in 2018: Dyson is here to stay!

The British brand is ready for its India launch in Jan ‘18

You could be leading a very content life...

with your bai taking care of the daily dusting, sweeping and mopping routine, the neighbourhood hairstylist knows you want a voluminous blow dry. The air you breathe could be better but you’re already wondering why Evian doesn’t sell oxygen from the Swiss Alps too, right?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Dyson is here to shake up your world, with a hair dryer that would tame your mane better than ever, a vacuum cleaner that’d make you fire your trusty bai, and an air purifier to give you clean air in these smog-laden times. Hard times (if you ever had them) are left far behind!

We had a firsthand introduction to Dyson’s mechanical wonders. Here’s a lowdown of the product range on offer, before the brand officially arrives in the Indian market in January...


The Dyson V8 Vacuum cleaner

Cutting-edge engineering meets design. One look and we’re making mental notes on how to fire the help and take charge of house cleaning. Farfetched and ambitious, given we’re still a society of highly dependent (on house help) individuals, but the V8 did trigger the thought of taking the road less travelled and investing in a superior piece of cleaning equipment. Maybe buy one and hand it over to the maid... that’s a better plan perhaps!

The Dyson Digital Motor (DDM) is the brand’s take on the conventional, bulkier motors that don’t do proportionate justice when it comes to suction performance. With an investment of over £300 million over 7 years to develop the game changing digital motor, which itself is a work of art. It is held together not by screws, but adhesives, and assembled by robots. The propeller inside the motor that performs the suction is claimed to rotate five times faster than a Formula 1 car engine. That’s a big one, given that the DDM is a third in weight of your conventional motor and half in size.

Another advancement of these V8 suckers is the placement of this motor. They’ve put the motor in the main body, right above where your wrist would be while doing the job, making the vacuum cleaners versatile in those hard-to-reach spots.

We saw a demo of the claimed performance and it did leave us quite impressed. There’s a lab dedicated to testing the toughness of Dyson products, to assure your money is well spent and a safe product is delivered. Multiple attachments come along with the V8, so you’re spared the hassle of spending additional sums on them.

Dyson Pure Air Purifier

Sadly for us, clean air is a luxury. It comes at a cost that keeps piling up as we progress. In certain parts of India, an air purifier is an investment one makes as an investment in prolonging their lives. In comes Dyson Pure to save the day.

Though it can’t control the environment, it can and does ensure that the air you breathe in your home is up to 99.9% clean. The connected app gives an accurate assessment of the quality of air in your living space, and as it works its magic, you not only feel the change, but track it on the app too.

The purifying process, like everything Dyson, is a highly scientific one, and unlike other similar products in the market, the core of this technology lies in the 360 degree rotating filter. Unlike other air purifiers, it doesn’t let out a blast of air upwards, but all around the device. The constant rotating action ensures it’s working relentlessly to ensure you breathe in only fresh air.

Relentless testing being Dyson’s mantra behind everything it makes, this product comes as good as it gets. It not only purifies the air you breathe, it also controls allergy-causing elements to a large extent. The genius of this intelligent machine doesn’t end here. The app also allows you activate the device remotely and your living space will have clean air before you arrive back into your house.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

This technologically advanced journey of Dyson products doesn’t end at home care and environmental care. Dyson products also raise the bar when it comes to personal care. Case in point, this Supersonic hair dryer, that took over four years to perfect. Though much hasn’t changed in the regular hair dryers ever since they were invented, the Dyson Supersonic is here to change the way a blast of hot air is perceived by women on a daily basis.

A bad hair day is no one’s idea of fun. Try crossing a woman having one and you’ll know the true meaning of being in the ‘line of fire’. Lucky for you Dyson’s ace product is part of the India launch plan, so come Jan, you’ll be able to avert most potential crisis situations.

So what’s so game-changing about the Supersonic? Well, for starters, the motor is designed to cut the sound. That, in itself is a huge plus, because many-a-delay have been caused by having to turn off the dryer, just to respond to a question as trivial as, “Where are my socks?”

Arm a lady with this Supersonic and see her turn into Wonder Woman. Besides the reduced heat (hence reduced damage), the best part about this not-your-regular hair dryer is the fact that the fast drying option is capable of reducing on an average of 8 minutes of hair drying time. There’s just so much once can achieve every morning with those 8 extra minutes to spare!

The lightweight motor ensures that even if your regular stylist is under the weather, one can just pick up the Dyson and do the job, without much effort.