Star Wars Battlefront enters alpha, splurges all over the internet

Only hours into testing, footage of EA's team shooter sneaks its way into the public domain

Poor EA. It's not a company that most people are inclined to feel sorry for, but sometimes being the gatekeeper to a hotly anticipated title like Star Wars: Battlefront can be no fun.

The closed alpha for the team FPS commences today but within minutes of testing a legion of gameplay footage found itself online in contravention to the test's terms and conditions. Participants are prohibited from steaming gameplay footage or leaking details, but that didn't stop some determined testers, many who have now found themselves ejected from the programme.

Most of the footage on Twitch and YouTube has found itself quickly removed but these three videos on DailyMotion remain up, for the moment.

Game files have also found their way on to bittorrent, giving other nosey parkers free reign to hunt its directories for details of the game's features. As TechnoBuffalo discovered, a list of weapons and vehicles presumed to be included in the game has been extracted. Warning - unless you know your Star Wars acroynms like the back of your hand the former list won't make much sense. Ships listed include the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Corellian Corvette, and Imperial Star Destroyer, but it's likely that at least one of those is a model used for decorative purposes only.

Being the good chaps that we are, we got our hands on first hand Battlefront information at E3 this year and concluded that the force was most certainly strong with this one. 

Battlefront is due for official release on 17th November, just in time to help you avoid pain stricken hours with your family at Christmas by taking yout to the icy plains of Hoth.