Star Wars and Vive team up to let you wield a lightsaber in virtual reality

HTC's headset will fulfill your Jedi dreams

Look, don’t deny it: you have grabbed an umbrella, a broom handle, a tent pole or similar implement and wielded it like a lightsaber at least once in your life.

What we’re saying, essentially, is the only difference between you, us and that viral Canadian Star Wars Kid” is that he filmed himself doing it and he got caught. But wanting to be a Jedi warrior is nothing to be ashamed of – and you’ll soon be able to play pretend without the need to don a brown dressing gown and reach for the Hoover attachment.

It’s all thanks to a collaboration between Lucasfilm, Valve and HTC. Trials on Tatooine is a virtual reality experience designed for the HTC Vive and should be available on Steam this week. For free, no less.

After a classic Star Wars opening crawl amidst a vast VR star field, you’ll find yourself in the desert surroundings of Luke Skywalker’s home world. A Padawan (in other words, a Jedi-in-training), it’s your job to take up a lightsaber (using the Vive’s wonderful motion controller) and defend yourself while familiar sights and sounds assail you from all sides, R2-D2 and the Millennium Falcon among them.

Trials on Tatooine was developed under the watchful eye of Lucasfilm CTO Rob Bredow and co-written by Bredow and Pablo Hidalgo, the company’s “guy in charge of canon”, so it’s definitely as official as it gets.

Keep an eye on Steam this week and grab it if you're lucky enough to have a Vive headset.