Sprinkle yourself with some stardust while playing Alia Bhatt: Star Life

Switch on the Barbie alert on your phones!

All you star-struck fans out there, there’s virtual hope for you - live a star’s life.

If you have harboured the dream and made many-an-acceptance speeches in the dream land, this is as close as we can get you to it, thanks to Moonfrog Labs. A virtual career-path, guided by a digital version of Alia Bhatt takes the players through their career and helps them in their goal of becoming an A-list star.

Alia Bhatt as the player’s best friend and mentor – the closest comparison we could think of is Barbie’s make-believe world, making it a doll-house of sorts for wannabe actors to live the dream, walk the walk and talk the talk! Fuelling the fantasy, the game offers players to ultimately reach the level of an A-list movie star.

One builds their career going through projects in TV and films, attending parties and events and at times, even struggle with paparazzi while living the grand life. Customise your online persona and travel across cities and countries, celebrity style! Alia Bhatt: Star Life is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

We suggest you put that phone down and snap out of virtual reality, because a successful career in the virtual world might dampen the prospects of having an actual one in the real world. And yes, don’t forget that GK book if you’ve been hanging out with Alia Bhatt for too long!