Spotify to now concentrate on original shows

The audio-only platform has some great originals that will ‘ignite your imagination’

Spotify wants to bring back storytelling into your life, the way it used to be more than two decades ago. In a world that’s saturated with tough competition, the audio streaming giant has announced that it will strengthen its localisation strategy here in India. To do this, they are introducing more original podcasts, and to begin with, December 3, 2019 will mark the launch of three new shows. For the cricket lovers, there’s ’22 Yarns’ with Gaurav Kapur. There’s a fiction thriller ‘Bhaskar Bose’, which is narrated by Mantra Mugdh, and a relationship advise-based ‘Love Aaj Kal’ by Aastha and Ankit. With this new strategy, Spotify wants to open up the opportunity for India’s growing creator community to work and offer discovery, data and offer monetisation to the creators.