The Spero E-Bike promises to take you 100km on one charge

Exercise has never been so effortless

A bike? No, thanks. Exercise isn't for me.

It isn't for us, either. But you don't necessarily have to work out with the Spero E-Bike. You see, this lightweight bicycle packs a battery and a 5-speed digital gear system, and will take you up to 100km on a single charge. So say bye-bye to pedaling.

You mean this is an electric motorcycle?

Nope. Although there's a throttle and a speed management system that lets you hit up to 25kmph, this baby still comes with pedals, so you can show other people that you're actually working out.

Pedaling and braking also charges the batteries, which should be useful for those who actually make long trips but don't feel like pedaling all the way back after an exhausting ride.

Xiaomi's bike folds in half. What's this one got?

A range of 100km on a single charge, for starters, in addition to compatibility with regular bike parts and accessories.

The Spero also comes with a display that'll show vital stats such as the speed and battery left. It also lets you set a password so your younger cousin can't ride off with your workout machine. It's also got cruise control - just set a speed on the console, maintain it for a few seconds and the bike will stay on that speed until you decide to switch it up. That should be ideal for when you have to walk your dog but don't really want to walk.

And you can even remove the battery, take it home and charge it from a standard 5A socket, so no one has to see you plugging the bike in after a hard day’s “workout”.

Sounds really cool.

Yep. In fact, it's so cool, Spero's being crowdfunded for the second time on Fuel A Dream. Makers Miltex Engineers raised 38 lacs on their first crowdfunding round for Spero, and their second campaign goal of 15 lacs is nearly 60 percent funded with 24 days to go.

The Spero E-Bike's available in three models: the E-30 has a range of 30km and costs 29,900; the E-60 will take you up to 60km and costs 36,900; and the E-100 will set you back 49,900, but will take you up to 100km on a single charge. It's only available via Fuel A Dream right now, but we'll keep you updated if the company plans to make it available on traditional retail channels and the like.