Sony’s new range of speakers and headphones are all about the bass

Sony’s Extra Bass line up wants to make your ears go boom and your booty wiggle. Well that, and a little splash of light as well.

Baby ko bass pasand hai?

Three new headphones and four new speakers, Sony’s feature-packed all of them with extra bass and loads of other useful features for music enthusiasts. Their bright colors and ‘splashproof everything’ attitude might go a long way in appealing the Nucleya in us.

So what’s each one made of? For starters, all the products come under Extra Bass line-up of Sony, and feature crisp and clear bass quality for unique bass lovers yet each individual product has its own set of features to suit your need.



Wireless, stylish and splash proof, Sony’s got all bases covered.

The MDR-XB950B1 (12,990) wireless headphones come with Electro Bass Booster - a battery-powered enhancer amplifier for increasing low-frequency sound using Digital Signal Processing which gives you a multi-sensory listening experience. You can even use the Sony Headphones Connect app to fully control the sound levels with your smartphone and tune the bass according to your need. A built-in microphone lets you pick up calls and the 18 hour-long battery will definitely last you more than a second run of your EDM playlist.

Want something more snazzy and affordable? Try the on-ear MDR-XB550AP (₹3,290) which comes with in-line remote with microphone and play/pause control in a tangle-free design. You can use the Smart Key App to customise the controls of the in-line remote using your smartphone.

Love splashing your sweat like a gymming enthusiast marking its territory? Splashing beer at parties is a no-no? Gather around fitness freak, the MDR-XB510AS (₹2,790) in-ear sports headphones have a IPX5/IPX7 water-resistant design. So your sweat or your poolside baking will not go without some bass. They come in four sizes of earbuds and arc supporters for stable fitting. Not all bass lovers are party animals, you know.

All three headphones will be available from April 20.


Light it up

Sony’s done some serious demand and supply research before making these deep bass delivering speakers. They come in various sizes and shapes, depending on your need. And pushed in a few extra features to make it all appealing.

All four speakers are IPX5 splash proof and have a wireless party chain feature that lets you connect up to 10 speakers. You can mix and match them to create synchronise music and lighting. A mini rave right there.

The SRS-XB40 (₹13,990) is for the party animal, featuring lighting effects with an LED perimeter line-light, a strobe flash and speaker light. The line-light creates multicolour patterns, ranging from pure white to rainbow. Synchronising with the music it matches the mood. You can even download the Fiestable app for this speaker and get DJ-like controls for lighting and motion. It also has a 5400mAh battery that lets you charge your smartphone. Demand and supply guys. Demand and supply!

The SRS-XB30 (₹9,990) has a similar multi-colour line-light and strobe as the SRS-XB40 except for speaker light. One light less for your mini EDM rave. You can control the speaker with the Sony Music Center mobile app or even use the Voice Guidance feature to announce your command to the speaker. We wonder how the speaker would understand our beer stutter. This too has a mobile charging feature with its 4200mAh battery.

With the SRS-XB20 (6,990), lighting fun drops down to a single color line-light which compliments the speaker. Other features remain the same but this one doesn’t having a smartphone charging option.

Coming down to SRS-XB10 (₹3,590) the only light left on this one is from your smartphone’s display reflection. But hey, it's helluva cheaper than its dazzling cousins. And it’s super compact and portable. The silicon strap also becomes a stand for the tiny speaker and hooking up a few of them together should give you your own stereo mode.

All the speakers will be available from April 25 and we shall be bringing you some of their reviews soon so watch this space.