Sony's 4K film-streaming Ultra service launches in early April

But it won't be cheap at $30 per 4K Ultra HD flick

If you're an early adopter of a 4K television, you're probably eager to find as much 4K-ready content as you can. New 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays and players are one option, but Sony has a streaming alternative coming.

Ultra is Sony's upcoming streaming 4K service, and it was unveiled first at CES in January - but now we have a launch date, at least in the States. Sony says it will go live on 4 April, but initially it will only run on Sony's own 4K televisions in the U.S.

"Ultra takes advantage of the latest industry innovations - 4K resolution, high dynamic range, a wider color spectrum, digital movie extras, and UltraViolet interoperability - so viewers get the most out of their televisions and their movie collections," says Jake Winett, vice president of consumer services and advanced platforms at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Recent releases like The Walk, Concussion, and The Night Before join classics like Ghostbusters and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Sony says that the digital releases will sell for US$30 apiece for 4K resolution with HDR.

And as mentioned above, the UltraViolet support means you can link in your existing digital library to access Sony films you've already purchased elsewhere. Anything you don't already have in 4K can be upgraded at a discounted price. Also, if you don't already have a 4K TV, Sony says it will have a promo offer this summer where you get four free movies through Ultra if you buy one of their sets.

Unfortunately, today's news only pertains to the United States, it seems, and no release has been pegged for India or elsewhere. But as more and more 4K TVs end up in people's flats, Sony will surely want to expand Ultra's reach where possible.

[Source: Sony]