Solving all your smartphone dilemmas and zipping away Japanese style – the May issue is out

It will add more steam to the already hot surroundings.

The May issue of Stuff India is as hot as the month.

So much so, we’re claiming it as our best of 2017 so far. Shoes, planes, cars and phones – all things that will make your techie heart skip a beat. The sweltering heat of the outdoors should serve as motivation to stay indoors and read a copy of Stuff – on your phone, tablet, or the good old-fashioned way!


Our cover story this month will put a full stop to all questions you have while choosing a smartphone. An in-depth comparison of various brands will spoil you for choice. We’re kindda sure that once you read this, you’d be torn between thanking us for the amount of homework we have done or overloading you with the insane amount of choice we brought to your attention. Nevertheless, we enjoyed bringing this cover story to life.


An old, WWII plane on an ambitious world tour, the Volvo circuiting Coimbatore tracks, zipping in an electric car in Japan and understanding first-hand how Nissan has its eyes on a power-packed future for us mortals. Corning Glass factory gives 'hot as hell' a whole new meaning... there’s just so much packed in this issue, you’d be wise to subscribe ASAP! Check this link for the online subscription.


The folks at Samsung are on a mission to ensure that not a month goes by without some action and thrill. Last month was the super-glamorous launch of the OLED, this month the Samsung S8 finds itself comfortably placed in our coveted Hot 4 list. Tag Heuer finds a spot too, next to Zegna and B&O.


The gaming PC makers are making sure the only relationship worth investing in is your gaming computer. After all, who else would you want when it comes to keeping you up the entire night? Relationships are for losers. We’re in love with our gaming routine and we’re proud of it!